Lots of progress to report since our last update in December:

On December 16, 2020 the Lee County Board of County Commissioners approved our zoning amendment application for Laguna Caribe. That approval includes the 137 lots and new amenity area with clubhouse, tiki bar, spa, dining room, kitchen, plus our big resort pool and deck, hot tub, two fire pits, bocce courts, golf putting green, pickleball courts, trailer parking lot, and a big fenced dog park. Also, Laguna Caribe was approved for “cabanas” of up to 600 square feet. The County Commissioners also, by separate vote, at our request directed the County staff to develop a new definition in the County code for an accessory use structure for RV parks called “casita” that, unlike a “cabana”, allows indoor kitchens and bedrooms; and furthermore the Commissioners directed staff to approve Laguna Caribe to be approved without requirement for any more public hearings. Therefore Laguna Caribe will be the first RV resort in Lee County to be approved for casitas.

L26 Development obtained a Development Order (DO) amendment from Lee County staff on January 25 that enables L26 Development to begin construction of Laguna Caribe for everything but the clubhouse and FPL easement area amenities and the last 5 of 137 lots approved by zoning resolution. A second DO amendment application incorporating all the elements from the recently approved zoning resolution, including the clubhouse, all 137 lots, and cabanas or casitas has since been submitted.

Final design work is now underway for the clubhouse facility.

Construction began last week with a kickoff meeting onsite with State and County officials, followed by the commencement of site preparation activities by our contractor, Gulf Coast Site, Inc. (GCSI). “Site prep” includes installing the silt fencing; improvements to our Angus Lane construction access route; installation of access gates; site clearing; and ordering of long lead time items. After all of the site prep activity is completed in April, then the next major phase of the work is to import the fill dirt and grade the site.


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