How Does the Laguna Caribe Pre-Construction Multi-Lot Reservation Process Work?

The first release of lot sales reservations will offer the lowest prices to retail buyers.

Prospective multi-lot buyers will be provided with a multi-lot sales offering list of specific lots with individual pricing. To qualify, a purchaser must place a fully refundable deposit for each lot to be reserved at a guaranteed purchase price. Minimum of two lots and a maximum of four lots per purchaser.

L26 Developers, LLC will provide a 30-day advance notice to reservation holders during which sales contracts must be executed for reserved lots.

If reserved lot is not purchased, the agreed price will expire, and lot released to other purchasers. A lot reservation can be cancelled at any time and a full refund received The full terms and conditions of the pre-construction multi-lot reservation program are contained in the Reservation Agreement which will be executed by L26 Development, LLC and the reservation holder.


To make your requested lot reservations at Laguna Caribe, please fill out your information using our Lot Reservation Request form indicating the specific lots that you request to reserve.

  • L26 Development, LLC cannot guarantee that the lots you prefer will actually be reserved and available for purchase by you. Lot reservations may be accepted, subject to L26 Development’s sole discretion.
  • The form below provides you the opportunity to indicate your first choice and second choice for each lot that you request to reserve. L26 will attempt to maximize the priority of your lot requests up to a maximum of four lots available for sale to any buyer under this special discount offer.
  • A minimum of two lot reservations and a maximum of four lot reservations can be requested under this discount offer. If a single lot reservation is desired, then the published lot price is increased by 5%.
  • Once complete, please contact The Laguna Caribe team at Jim@LagunaCaribe.com to move forward with your reservation.
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