L26 Development now has construction of Laguna Caribe well underway. Over the last several weeks, we constructed improvements on the construction access roads and gates leading to our project. We also installed the required site pollution control silt fencing, which was approved by Lee County, and is a requirement to commence site clearing, which is now underway. We anticipate completion of site clearing by around the end of April. After that, we will continue with the “horizontal” civil site work involved in delivering finished motorcoach lots by this fall.

While the site work is ongoing, we are completing our for-construction design documents leading to building permits for the “vertical” work at Laguna Caribe, including our resort pool, other amenity area features, bathhouse, tiki bar, clubhouse, and casitas.

Soon we’ll be unveiling and posting detailed 3D computer renderings of our entire project, including landscaping, amenities, and casitas, so that people can visualize how beautiful and different our Laguna Caribe resort is!

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