Happy New Year!

Construction of Laguna Caribe continues apace.  The underground utilities for Phase 1 are now substantially completed with acceptance testing underway, and work will continue immediately on Phase 2 utilities.  Fill has continued to be imported to grade the roads and lots, while the lakeshore is being final graded at this time.  Roadwork construction has begun, with compacted subgrades in place for Phase 1, and paving of the valley gutters on both sides of the road underway.  The drainage system installation is continuing, and the irrigation system  and irrigation well installation has begun.

Our biggest challenge in construction has been slow building permit approvals and delivery of materials for the electrical distribution system by Florida Power & Light.  We are told that all construction jobs in southwest Florida are having much the same experience due to huge demand for new homes and communities in the Fort Myers area.  As soon as these bottlenecks are resolved we can finish up Phase 1 of the lot construction, and get going on the clubhouse facility and pool.  2021 was a crazy year in residential construction here in southwest Florida, and 2022 seems to be continuing that trend.

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