Key construction milestones achieved this past month include the completion of the sanitary sewer system in both Phases 1 and 2, importation of most of the fill material required to create the final grades, and completion of road paving for Phase 1. The lakeshore was graded, preparatory to beginning the installation of lakeside irrigation and tree planting.

The site surface water drainage system is being completed this month. and connection of the site underground utilities to external supply/discharge mains is now underway. The building permit for the pool bathhouse was finally obtained (all County permitting this year has been extremely slow, as all local contractors are complaining about!), so construction of the pool area bathhouse will start this month. We’re still awaiting building permits for the main clubhouse, Tiki Bar, and the pool. It appears that FPL is finally ready to begin our electrical system installation – another aspect of construction that has been a scheduling problem for all builders in Southwest Florida this year.

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