The last several months of construction activity have focused on the amenity center and finishing up the lots for occupancy.  Key milestones completed include:

  • The pool and spa construction was completed in September, followed by the pool deck, pool deck lighting, and pool deck landscaping.  The pool passed Lee County building inspection, followed by the Department of Health inspection.  We anticipate opening the pool and spa by or before January 1, 2024.
  • The pickleball courts and bocce courts were completed, along with installation of the shade benches, nets, and required sound attenuation system, and the laying of pavers around the courts is finishing up this month.  Pickleball lights have been delivered and will be installed shortly.
  • The dog park has been cleared of brush, with final grading and installation of park benches and dog waste stations to finish up by New Years.
  • The bath house and tiki bar passed final inspection last month.  Ongoing work to finish the bar this month includes finishing the cypress wood bar top and installation of the bar equipment.
  • The main clubhouse is nearing completion of construction this month, with installation of interior finishes, doors, flooring, lighting, fixtures to be completed around New Years.  Landscaping to follow shortly.
  • The audio-visual and security systems are nearing completion in the main clubhouse and pool deck area.  TVs and sound speakers have been installed throughout the clubhouse and pool deck area, with internet installation to be completed this month.
  • The work to finish the lots has included getting the power meters installed, completing the paved RV pads (129 of 138 completed as of today with the rest by New Years), and installing irrigation and landscaping.  The lot landscaping is anticipated to be completed next month on all 137 lots.
  • The street lights are on FPL’s schedule for sometime between first quarter and second quarter 2024 – as always FPL seems to be the holdup!

Aside from construction activity, we’ve been getting the community management system set up. We retained First Service Residential to be our contract community association manager.  A full time CAM has been hired and has started work, and a full time maintenance/cleaning assistant should be working shortly.  We have retained a food & beverage contractor to operate our restaurant, tiki bar, kitchen, and food trucks, and we anticipate opening up the tiki bar for some initial events beginning next month.  We began lot sales and occupancy of our lots by both owners and renters earlier this past summer, and we are now getting prepared for the January through April “high season” of occupancy.


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