Construction continues steadily since our last update in May:

– We commenced construction of the club bath house
– RV pad construction began, with grading, base rocking, and paving applied to the first 13 lots so far and continuing on through the summer until we complete all 137 RV pads
– The pool shell is being poured this week, with completion of the pool anticipated in July.
– Miscellaneous sitework construction tasks are being completed, including final grading of the last lots and perimeter berms; installation of plumbing connections to the RV pads; as built documentation of the construction, and completing the punch list items in preparation for obtaining Lee County certification of construction completion.

As yet FPL has not shown up to do the final electrical cabling and transformer installation in our community using the underground conduit now installed – we are told “any day now”. We’re also awaiting our shipment of RV utility pedestals that we ordered 10 months ago … best estimate now is they arrive in August and will be installed promptly thereafter. The supply chain has been very challenging, to say the least.

We should be able to certify construction completion within 30 days after FPL arrives to deliver power. After which our plat will be recorded and we will be able to close on lot sales and begin lot rentals as soon as the pedestals are installed.

Regarding casitas, today we received from Lee County our final zoning administrative amendment incorporating the Land Development Code amendment that the County Commission enacted last month, authorizing casitas with indoor kitchens and bedrooms of unlimited size.

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